Angry Birds and iPhone 4 Carving World Records

Monday, May 16, 2011

Angry Birds
Angry Birds and iPhone 4
A privilege when Guinness World Records title strap on the fastest, biggest, longest and the nickname 'was' the other to something or someone. Well, the iPhone 4 and Angry Birds, carve out a world record for the domain of technology and gaming. Record what worked disabet both?

In a statement released this week, recording a record of this famous mention Apple's App Store as a revolutionary gaming platform in history and has become a serious challenger in the gaming record.

On the same occasion, as quoted from Digital Trends, Sunday (15/05/2011), Gaming Editor Gaz Deaves Guinness World Records also mention the power of the iPhone.

"The release of the iPhone, not just change indsutri mobile, but also the world of video games. Apple has created a large new space for himself in the genre of casual games that literally brings entertainment to users wherever they are," he explained.

In the category of the fastest portable gaming system sales, Guinness World Records named the iPhone 4 in order of number one. Public also may recall, on the first day of sales on June 24, in 2010, 1.5 unitn four best-selling iPhones like hotcakes sweet.

For comparison, included all the PSP and Nintendo DS. Two of these consoles sold 200 thousand and 500 thousand units in its inaugural launch in 2005 and 2004.

App Store became the most popular applications store version Guinness World Records. In three years, download the application on the App Store had surpassed 6.5 billion times.

Angry Birds also a concern for Guinness World Records. Games that are rising a record as the top-selling game in various countries.

"The game is recognized as the top paid-for games in the App Store Apple, in 67 regions of the world. Since its launch in December 2009, the Angry Birds listed has sold more than 6.5 million copies," says Deaves.

And as is known, Angry Birds are not just the iPhone alone, but extended to mobile phones with other operating systems such as Android and Windows-based smartphones Phone 7.

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