Little Big Planet

Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Big Planet
Little Big Planet
One of the big draws of Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet is its whimsical art direction, which marries burlap characters to a vibrant, textured world. Over on our forums, game developer Robots vs. Wizards is giving our community several first looks of different pieces of the now-in-production game. Also, there’ll be “portals,” which can transport you to entirely new areas, similar to a pipe in a Super Mario Bros game.
We’re not sure when Paper Monsters is due out or at what price. Art usually speaks to production quality.
I should note that we’ve also reached out about the release informationDetails have not been announced for North America or Japan, but trickled out of Europe. The PAL PlayStation Blog posted a list of digital welcome back gifts.
Two of the following PlayStation 3 games:
Wipeout HD
Dead Nation
PSP games Pursuit Force and Killzone Liberation are swapped out with Everybody’s Golf 2 and Buzz Jr. Jungle Party.
Paid PlayStation Plus subscribers receive 60 days of extended service.
Sony is also offering PSP portable owners two free games from a list of four: "Little Big Planet," "ModNation Racers," "Pursuit Force" and "Killzone Liberation."
Sony is also giving network users access to a selection of free movies over one weekend. Network users will also get 30 days of free access to the premium "Plus" service and Plus subscribers will get 60 days of free subscription.
Users of Sony's "Music Unlimited Premium Trial" subscription service will get an additional 30 days of free premium service, and subscribers to the premium and basic services will get a free 30 days of service plus time lost during the outage.

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