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Friday, May 20, 2011

This message spread throughout the world: Judgement will come from Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 18:00. Those who believe will be raptured up to heaven, left behind will go through life like hell for five months, until October 21, 2011 - in which God will destroy the Earth with fire. It is religious leaders, Harold Camping who predicted it.

Using a mathematical calculation version. This is not the first time he predicts the apocalypse. Camping Previously claiming the end of the world will come on 6 September 1994, but wrong. What if his predictions wrong again? At least he was not the only one. Here are five fumble doomsday predictions:

1. October 22, 1844

A preacher Millerite flow, Samuel S. Snow predicted the world would end October 22, 1844, based on what is believed to be the guide of Resurrection in the Book of Daniel.

On that day, thousands of people who believe already handed over whatever they have. They were surprised when the day, no matter what happens. Doomsday is not coming. Today it is famous for 'The Great Disappointment' or 'Big Disappointment' which makes Millerite flow split.

2. 1806

Many believe the doomsday warnings will be delivered by a prophet. In Leeds, England, the role of the prophet is represented by a chicken! 'The Prophet Hen of Leeds' - thus dubbed the chicken, the eggs are bearing the message 'Christ has come'.

At that time, many people visit the location of the chicken, it is amazing to see live eggs, and then believe that doomsday is coming. People who believe suddenly become very religious, praying diligently day and night, and repent of all their bad behavior in the past.

However, the issue ended when several people are curious when watching chickens lay eggs. Apparently, a magic egg that is caused by fraudsters. The earliest known egg inscribed with corrosive ink forcibly inserted into the womb of a hen.

Hearing this fact, people who terlanjut sure of course shocked. But still they laugh out loud, laugh at his own stupidity. At that time, for them, the world looks more beautiful and enjoyable.

3. December 21, 1954

A housewife and student, Dorothy Martin admitted making contact with beings Planet Clarion. The aliens said they will destroy the Earth with a flash-flooding. Only the faithful would survive. They will be evacuated flying saucers, the night before the disaster struck the Earth.

Sounds weird? Indeed. However, there are believers. His followers - some already stopped working and gave all his possessions - languishing in their homes, waiting to pick up the aliens.

To avoid radiation burns flying saucers, the followers get rid of all the existing iron from the body, including zippers and bra hooks. Midnight arrived, the people who believe this more and more agitated. Finally at 04:45, Martin admitted getting other messages from being Planet Clarions - that God was very impressed with the actions of his followers and change his mind. God decided to cancel the apocalypse.

4. Year 2000

That the end will arrive in 2000 is predicted by The Lindsey through two books, "The Late, Great Planet Earth," which was published in 1970, and "Planet Earth 2000 AD: Will mankind Survive?" published in 1996 wrote, that Christians do not have to make future plans after 2000.

However, the forecast was missed. Although the track record is flawed because kengawurannya, Lindsey is still active in the world of writing, in 2008 he wrote a column on the conservative site WorldNetDaily: Barack Obama accused the antichrist.

5. October or November 1982

Pat Robertson in a radio broadcast in 1980 entitled 'The 700 Club' says, "I guarantee, the end of 1982 will be the Day of Judgement."

However, the forecast was just nonsense. When proven wrong Robertson argued, God cancel a number of disasters. Like the massive tsunami on the West Coast in 2006 and terrorist attacks in 2007 - both are also not proven. "I have a good track record, just sometimes I miss," he claims.

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