Fable 3 on PC

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fable 3 on PC

Fable 3 on PC
A demo for the PC edition of Lionhead's Brit-tastic RPG Fable 3 is slated to launch alongside the full game on May 17, Microsoft's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb revealed in the latest Xbox Live Marketplace schedule.

Fable 3 on PC
Hopefully Microsoft really means it this time, starting with Fable 3 pc The first and longest part involves building a team of heroes capable of staging the rebellion. This is achieved by slowly building your wealth and powers, solving fetch & carry quests and interacting with the local townspeople.

In play, it's like a combination of Dungeon Siege and the Sega Dreamcast's Shen Mue. Complete the main quests and the game switches dramatically to being one of moral or world-shaping choices rather than questing. It's a shift you will either love or feel strangely annoyed about – something fairly typical of Molyneux's maverick, slightly twisted approach to game design.
There's a superb music score, deep (if formulaic) gameplay and literally

A recent post by Xbox spokesperson Major Nelson announced triumphantly that Fable 3 would be receiving a Windows demo on May 17th, the same day as the full release of the game.
“I’ve been informed that a Fable 3 PC demo is no longer scheduled.”
The response was puzzling. The official statement from Lionhead is that there “was never” a PC demo planned for release, blaming the whole thing on “some misunderstanding” between the parties involved.

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