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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Users of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) would have to wait for further updates from the 'NoDo'. According to one Microsoft partner, 'Mango' update is a Windows Phone 7.5.

"Preview of the Windows Phone OS 7.5," wrote a sentence that appeared on one of Microsoft's partner sites, as quoted by Gizmodo, Tuesday 4 / 26. Description is then removed by the partner.

Also mentioned that the next major update will come at the end of 2011, but users can peek past the features that will be there. Reference to Windows Phone 7.5 is known to have emerged since some time earlier.

If this is the name of the Windows Phone 7.5 will be used, this means returning to the tradition of naming Microsoft Windows Mobile. Older operating systems are always put numbers behind it, for example: Windows Mobile 6.5.

Nokia, Windows 7 Phone closest associates at this time, reportedly awaiting Mango updates before they launched two first Windows mobile phone, Nokia W7 and W8.

Here are some features that will be present at 'Mango':

* Multitasking and background processing

* Audio File transfer

* Transfer applications faster

* Many applications integrated

* Improvements to the camera feature

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