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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There is little sense of pessimism when he heard the news that Mortal Kombat for the first time will present to console the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. The developer, Netherrealm Studios when it was boasted that Mortal Kombat will return to its heyday. If you look at the history of this most violent fighting game, we deserved to be afraid. Mortal Kombat like to lose direction when first released in the form of three-dimensional. No more cruel, more brutal, no longer fun.

We may still remember the euphoria that was created when cross-over fighting game, Mortal Kombat Vs DC announced for the console. Other gamers might be curious about the battle of two vastly different world, while I focus more on curiosity will first appearance Mortal Kombat character in it. Is this game captured the hearts of gamers? What is the feeling of nostalgia for the cool world of Mortal Kombat is present in it? I think most of us would answer emphatically, NOT AT ALL!

When Netherrealm Studios began throwing concepts, teaser, trailer, until the full Mortal Kombat gameplay to various overseas media, I became a faithful watcher. Any existing development really make sense of pessimism began to develop into a strong optimism. There is a feeling of longing for the classic Mortal Kombat little relieved, but at the same time came the feeling of interest in the many new concepts in it. What about the first impression after handling and play it?

Playing the latest Mortal Kombat is indeed produce a very enjoyable playing experience. Like playing Mortal Kombat 3 with new combos, set in three-dimensional world full of detail, the characters with incredible visuals, and certainly matchless cruelty that is raised again. I fell in love with this game! We're not talking about mere brutality that were presented, but Mortal Kombat courage to return to their roots deserved thumbs up. Decisions that will make this franchise back to life.

X-Ray Mode may be an additional content that makes the game more interesting. All the blows that were presented to leave the impression that destructive and deadly battle. Cool! Moreover, various combos that were presented, including a fatality in it made with the simpler instructions. You will be able to issue these moves easier. What else is sold by Mortal Kombat? You should try Story Mode in it. This mode bring the fight to the plot as if we're watching a movie, something that has never existed before. For more details, a review of our waiting. While waiting, a little piece of the picture through the seductive images aggressiveness.

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