Dodgy Grab One promotion

Friday, July 15, 2011

I get the Grab One offers in my in-box regularly, and as a lover of coffee I was interested in the $20 for 10 Regular Mojo Coffees at Pure Espresso (value $44). We have one in the suburb in which I live. The promotion says:

Pay just $20 for 10 regular mojo coffees at Pure Espresso and indulge in a taste that will please you over and over again. Make a quick stop before work"

In order to have a taste that will please you "over and over again" the implication is that you can use the promotion to make 10 quick stops before work.


The conditions say that this offer can only be used in one visit. Who is going to either drink 10 coffees or have 9 mates in a cafe for a quick stop before work in the suburbs? The place doesn't look like it fits 10 people.

Wonder how many people will get this? So far 37 have.

update Have made further inquiries, apparently the offer can be "used" on one visit - and that "use" on the first visit is to get a coffee card, which can be used in nine subsequent visits. Pity the ad was so badly worded, and that there is no mention of a coffee card.

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