Mystery dress Kate Middleton finally open

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kate Middleton dress
Mystery dress Kate Middleton finally open. She wore a stunning ivory gown by Sarah Burton, designers from Alexander McQueen fashion house. Kate's face covered with a thin veil with hand embroidered tiara lent by Queen Elizabeth II.

Speculation for months about who the designer and how to design a dress that ended when she came out of the car that took him to Westminster Abbey, where the blessing on Friday (4/29/2011) ago.

Smiled broadly and waved to the masses, with her dress Kate holding a bouquet of flowers, which include Sweet William flowers. Male bride show appreciation and say, "You look beautiful."

William wore a red military uniform.

Sarah Burton, director of creative 36-year-old, was thought to be the chosen designer. Kate has worked with Burton to formulate the draft, a combination of tradition and modernity.

"This is a wedding dress with a very fine detail, far more subtle than the dress Princess Diana at her marriage with William's father, Prince Charles, in 1981," said renowned German designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

To the French television station, he said, the dress was "very pretty, relatively classic, but appropriate decor. With a little touch of the era of the 1950s, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe or a wedding dress of Queen Elizabeth II ".

Lagerfeld adds, "This dress is elegant and taste." It has a long-sleeved dress made of lace with ivory satin corset.

Part of her skirt made of satin, which resembles a blooming flower, with bends and folds. This skirt is also made of white silk with a tail measuring 2.7 meters, relatively short by the standards of the kingdom. Diana's dress tail 7.6 meters in length.

Kate's tail section and bodice adorned with lace flowers. Designs in this section include a rose motif, widuri, and two other flower species, four of which became a symbol of British interest.

The workers from the Royal School of Needlework help making the dress.

Direnda carefully
They wash their hands every 30 minutes for lace and thread the needle kept clean and replaced every three hours in order to stay sharp.

Kate wearing a veil made of strands of soft ivory silk tulle with flower embroidery hand edge. Veil that fell to below the waist, held by a tiara lent Cartier Queen Elizabeth II.

Shoes Kate also made of satin and lace, works of Alexander McQueen fashion house team.

Burton took over the position as creative director at the fashion house after Alexander McQueen committed suicide in February 2010. Burton has worked with McQueen for 14 years.

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