Spammers in UK Welcomes Marriage

Friday, April 29, 2011

British royal wedding between Prince William, with Kate Middleton has been a major international event. Modern technology allows people around the young couple following the wedding and make it an "e-Royal Wedding."

The more the approach of the moments of the event, the more people search the Internet and online news media to get the latest information about the Kate-William. But like the big events before, spammers also take advantage of this opportunity.

"Many people who search online, and where people gathered, that's where the criminals in action," said Helen Malani, Symantec Norton Cybercrime Education Expert, as quoted by FoxNews, April 29, 2011.

Malani said, it has been tracking since February and to date more than 2,000 malicious sites has been made.

Since March, security researchers Norton also track various kinds of malicious online activities such as spam designed to steal personal information and links to malicious websites that hide in the search results with search engines.

Based on observations, the search words that have been poisoned include Sketches royal wedding gowns, royal wedding guest list, 2011, royal wedding time, William and Kate movie cast, Prince Charles last name, official royal wedding merchandise, and the royal wedding.

To that end, Symantec says, you who intend to conduct a search of information related to the British empire was a grand event should think twice before clicking it, be wary of emails or links that promised footage leaked, offering images of scandal, or claimed to have information confidential.

Cyber ​​criminals take advantage of the sensational headlines and shocking in order to encourage you to click links that can infect your computer.

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